Fu Sheng works

31 AUGUST 2016– 03 SEPTEMBER 2016

The First Emperor of Qin has harsh law implemented, ordering Prime Minister Li Si to repress the opposition of Confucian scholars who advocate benevolent governance. Great scholar Fu Sheng pretends to be drunk and cleverly saves the lives of his peer Confucians.

The emperor decrees the burning of books, asking Li Si to oversee the burning. While other scholars are at a loss, Fu Sheng sets fire to the books in his collection, which makes him a target of abuse.  

Zibo, Fu Sheng's son, openly recites the classics together with other scholars. The emperor, proclaiming them rebels, orders them be arrested. Zibo flees home. Under Li's threat, Fu Sheng makes a false confession, which leads to the death of his son, the ensuing suicide of his wife and the departure of his daughter who has deeply admired her father.

The family tragedy drives Fu Sheng mad. Li Si is pleased at seeing Fu’s defeat.

After the emperor dies, Li Si is also arrested on the false charge of insurrection. At the execution ground, Fu Sheng bids him farewell, and tells Li the true reason for what he has done—the unbelievable personal sacrifice for the sake of preserving the classics of Confucianism, which will be revived some day.


Characters   Performers

Fu Sheng......Zhang Jianguo

Li Si......Wei Jijun

Min Jiang......Zhang Lan

Zi Bo......Zhang Bing

     ......Hao Shipeng

Xi E......Fu Jia

Yin Xi......Lu Kunshan

Drummer:  Li Jinping

Musicians:  Li Yang


Stage Director: Tian Yonggang

Stage Managers: Han Yu  

Stage Personnel: Li Bonan

Scrip Supervisor: Guo Yizhu

Accompanied by: Orchestra of the Third Troupe of China National Peking Opera Company

Choreography: Choreography Center of China National Peking Opera Company