The works of Faust

31 AUGUST 2016– 03 SEPTEMBER 2016

Brief Introduction to the Play Faust

Faust, German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s magnum opus, is not only the greatest work of German literature but also a gem in world literature. The Peking opera Faust is adopted from Faust, Part One.

The Devil, an evil spirit that negates and destructs everything, laughs before God at the flaws of human beings and is confident that he can allure Faust away from righteous pursuits. God, believing that good people are always aware of right paths, permits a bet the Devil makes with him, and agrees on the test of Faust by the Devil. Faust, already in his fifties and already a peerless scholar of learning, is so frustrated at his failure to have fulfilled his worldly desires that he ponder suicide. The Devil comes to Faust’s study, invites him to re-experience his past life and promises to be at his service, on the condition that from the moment Faust has felt satisfied and come to his afterlife, he should serve the Devil too. Believing that nothing in the world would not satisfy him, Faust makes a pact with the Devil. Now turned into a young man by the Devil, Faust is madly in love with Gretchen, only to lead to her tragedy.

出品人:张凯华  Daniele Gualdi  Producers: Zhang Kaihua  Daniele Gualdi

总监制:于魁智  陈樱  

Pietro Valenti Executive Producers:Yu Kuizhi  Chen Ying  Pietro Valenti


Stefania De Leo   Production Managers: Wang Linna  Stefania De Leo

编  剧:李美妮    Playwright: Li Meini

戏曲文学顾问:邹忆青  Opera Literature Consultant: Zou Yiqing

导演:Anna Peschke   Director: Anna Peschke

京剧导演:徐孟珂   Director of  Peking Opera: Xu Mengke

唱腔设计:陈晓满   Vocal Music Design: Chen Xiaoman

音乐作曲:Luigi Ceccarelli  Alessandro Cipriani  

陈晓满 Composition: Luigi Ceccarelli Alessandro Cipriani Chen Xiaoman

舞美设计:Anna Peschke

Stage Design: Anna Peschke

灯光设计:Tommaso Checcucci

Lighting Design: Tommaso Checcucci

服装设计:阿宽  Costume Design: A Kuan

容妆造型设计:艾淑云 李萌  Styling and Make-up: Ai Shuyun  Li Meng

道具设计:李继勇   Props Design: Li Jiyong

舞蹈编导:周莉亚  韩真   Choreographers: Zhou Liya, Han Zhen

监    制:李海燕  江其虎  刘学玲

Production Supervisors: Li Haiyan  Jiang Qihu  Liu Xueling

舞美监制:于跃刚  李继勇   蒋连起

Stage Producers: Yu Yuegang  Li Jiyong  Jiang Lianqi

执行灯光:胡山峰   Lighting Execution: Hu Shanfeng

音    响:马川  陈丹丹   Sound Effect: Ma Chuan  Chen Dandan

音响技术支持:秦 鹰    Technical support for audio system:Qin Ying

舞蹈编导:周莉亚 韩真   Choreography: Zhou Liya  Han Zhen

制作助理:周文惠    Production Assistant: Zhou Wenhui

外事统筹:易玲 关晓蕙

Foreign Affairs Coordination: Yi Ling Guan Xiaohui