Hong Niang - A Bridge between Chinese and Mexican Culture

Time: 2016-08-23

Hong Niang - A Bridge between Chinese and Mexican Culture

After two performances of The Legend of White Snake in Mexico Palace of Fine Arts, another classical Peking Opera Hong Niang was put on in Teatro Pedro Diaz in Cordova on August 14th and 15th. For these two performances, CNPOC was invited by Emilio Carballido Drama Festival, a festival named after Emilio Carballido, who has been one of the most famous Latin American litterateurs since 1950s.

Hong Niang tells a romantic story of Zhang Junrui and Cui Yingying. Zhang Junrui and Cui Yingying fell in love at the first sight in Pujiu Temple. Yet Cui Yingying's mother did not approve their marriage. Thanks to the maid Hong Niang's much help, Cui Yingying's mother eventually agreed on their engagement and told Zhang Junrui to marry Cui Yingying after succeeding in the imperial examination.

On the night of 14th, a long line of audience formed out of the theatre. Local people held their playbills and talked excitedly, waiting for their first meeting with Chinese Peking Opera. In order to meet the needs of those who didn't get the tickets, the organizer set up a screen out of the theatre for them to watch the show for free.

During the performance, audience were fully immersed in performers' acting. They laughed when seeing interesting scenes and applaused from time to time. Though speaking a different language, Mexican audience enjoyed Chinese art without difficulties. It's a quite successful culture infusion.

After the performance, the mayor of Cordova Dr. Tomas Rios Bernal held a reception for our members. CNPOC also held a workshop for Mexican friends' further learning and understanding of Peking Opera.