CNPOC Tours in France

Time: 2016-12-26

CNPOC Tours in France

Invited by Centre Culturel de Chine à Paris; Le Théatre Sénart and Théatre L’apostrophe, China National Peking Opera Company gave four performances from Nov. 24th to Dec. 3rd in France.

On the night of Nov. 26th, CNPOC opened Traditional Chinese Opera Festival 2016 in Paris, France with two classical operas The Unicorn Purse and The Rescue in Wild Boar Forest in the Théatre 71.  It is the first time that the opera Purse has been successfully brought to Europe and the opera received the Seine Award and many other awards. The opera Purse tells the story of Xue Xiangling which interprets a common saying: Goodness will have a good reward. The opera Rescue tells the story of Lin Chong, an instructor of martial arts of the imperial guards, who, framed by Gao Yanei, the son of treacherous senior official, was forced to join the rebels of Mount Liang.

Upon the success in Traditional Chinese Opera Festival, CNPOC continued to play the opera Havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom in the Théatre Sénart on Nov. 29th and Théatre L’apostrophe on Dec. 1st. These two performances were both very warmly welcomed by the local audience and received high praise. The opera tells a story from the Journey to the West. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, made havoc in the Celestial Palace and defeated the troops of the Jade Emperor.

The 8-day tour has promoted cultural exchanges between China and France, and more Peking Operas are expected to be brought to Europe.