Imperial Orchid(御果园)

Source: 院办 Date: 2012-03-16

Imperial Orchid


   Li Shimin, Prince of Qin of the Tang Dynasty, planned to march his troops to Luoyang and capture Wang Shichong. On the Dragon Boat Festival, the two sides had a one-day truce. Then the Prince of Qin and his advisor Xu Maogong toured the imperial orchid. Shan Xiongxin, a general under Wang Shichong, saw them from the city wall of Luoyang. He put on his armors and raided them. At the time of emergency, Xu cried out for help. It happened that General Yuchi Gong was bathing his horse in a ravine stream, naked. At the cry for help, he mounted the horse and saved Li and Xu. The Prince of Qin was so pleased that he reported the episode to Emperor Gaozu, his father, and asked him to reward Yuchi. Li Jiancheng, Prince of Yin, and Li Yuanji, Prince of Qin, slandered Li Shimin and accused him of making that up. Then the Prince of Qin asked to act it out. It was severe winter. Having taken an herbal medicine given by Li Jing, Yuchi Gong felt so hot that he sweated profusely. He bathed his horse in the stream, naked, as he had done. Emperor Gaozu ordered that the Prince of Qin and Xu Maogong tour the orchid, and that Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji tell Wang Yun to pursue the Prince of Qin in the disguise of Shan Xiongxin. At the critical time, Yuchi Gong rushed over, killed Wang Yun, and then Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji with his maces.