Running Head into Stele(碰碑)

Source: 院办 Date: 2012-03-16

Running Head into Stele


   Pan Hong commanded an expedition against Liao by imperial order and recommended Yang Jiye to lead the advance force. He ordered Yang and his sixth and seventh sons to engage the enemy but sent no reinforcement. The Yangs were encircled in Lianglang Mountains (or ‘Mountains of the Two Wolves’). Yang Jiye sent his 7th son back to Yanmen Pass to ask for reinforcement. Because his son Pan Bao had been killed by Yang's 7th son, Pan Hong made the young man drunk and shot him with arrows. Knowing that his son had died, Yang Jiye sent his sixth son back to the capital for reinforcement. With no reinforcement coming, and his men and horses starving, Yang Jiye committed suicide by the stele to the tomb of Li Ling, famous Han general who had received similar treatment.