Newly-arranged Historical Drama Su Wu of the Western Han Dynasty(汉苏武)

Source: 院办 Date: 2012-03-16

Newly-arranged Historical Drama Su Wu of the Western Han Dynasty


   In the reign of Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty (141 BC-87 BC), Chanyu (the chief of Xiongnu in ancient China) Jutihou sent an envoy to hold peace talks with the Han Court. Emperor Wu then sent Zhonglangjiang (equal to today’s division commander) Su Wu with an imperial staff of a piece of bamboo with ox tails on a diplomatic mission to Xiongnu, to show the Han’s goodwill. In response to Emperor Wu’s kindness, Chanyu held a send-off banquet for Su Wu. However, Chanyu changed his mind all of a sudden and sent Su Wu to Beihai (may refer to today’s Minqin County in Gansu Province) and said that Su would not be allowed to go back to the Han Court until a ram gave birth to baby goats. In his trying and lengthy exile, Su Wu never surrendered to Xiongnu and held onto the imperial staff that was a symbol of the Han Court.

   Chanyu Jutihou sent Hu Ayun, a commander’s daughter to Su Wu, hoping that Su would fall into this beauty trap and surrender. However, Hu Ayun, a girl believing in true love was deeply moved by Su Wu’s moral integrity and willing to accompany Su in the bitter cold of north. Her love and company brought Su a touch of comfort in his endless exile of tending sheep.

   Undergoing all kinds of hardships during nineteen years of detainment in Xiongnu, Su Wu finally went back to Chang’an (today’s Xi’an in Shaanxi Province) in the 6th Year of Shiyuan in the reign of Emperor Zhao of Han (81 BC).

   It is the everlasting moral integrity regardless of time that the image of Su Wu is highly valued. With the drama Su Wu of the Western Han Dynasty, we hope to recall people to thinking about the value and meaning of life.