Peach Blossom Village(桃花村)

Source: 院办 Date: 2012-03-16

Peach Blossom Village


   Yuyan, daughter of Liu Deming, squire of the Peach Blossom Village, went for a spring outing on the Flower Field Day together with her maid Chunlan, with the purpose to pick her husband. She ran into Bian Ji, a scholar, and the two fell in love at first sight. After she returned home, Yuyan reported this to her father. The squire sent an old servant named Liu Rong for Bian. It happened that the scholar was not in and the old servant invited over Zhou Tong by mistake. Zhou was the chief of the brigands in the Peach Blossom Mountains. He insisted on marrying Yuyan that very night despite the squire tried every way to talk him out of this idea. Knowing that things had gone amiss, Yuyan felt panicky and painful. She sent Chunlan for Bian, who entered her chamber in female disguise. Then Zhou Tong came to fetch his bride and took Bian away by mistake. It was not until they went back to their foothold that Zhou realized the mistake. He sent for the girl again. After Bian was set free, he ran into Lu Zhishen on the way back and told the whole story to the hero. A compassionate and chivalrous man, Lu went to Liu’s. Knowing that Zhou Tong would surely come himself, he hid himself in the bridal chamber. When Zhou went into the chamber at night, he was beaten up by Lu and fled in a flurry. Then he asked Li Zhong, his sworn brother, to avenge him. When they met Lu again, it turned out that Lu and Li were old friends. After everything was explained, Lu meditated Zhou and the squire’s and made the marriage between Bian and Yuyan happen.