Interrogating the Head and Assassinating Tang Qin(审头刺汤)

Source: 院办 Date: 2012-03-16

Interrogating the Head and Assassinating Tang Qin


   After Qi Jiguang beheaded Mo Cheng and escorted his head to the imperial capital, Tang Qin said that it was not Mo Huaigu's. Lu Bing, Chief of the Imperial Guards, investigated the case by imperial order and summoned Qi Jiguang for interrogation. Yan Shifan, son of Yan Song, the treacherous influential official, ordered Tang Qin to interrogate Qi together with Lu Bing. Lu intended to confirm the head belonged to Mo Huaigu, whereas Tang Qin insisted that it belonged to an imposter. Xueyan hinted to Lu that Tang’s true intention was to take her as concubine. Wishing to absolve Qi Jiguang of the charge, Lu promised expediently to present Xueyan to Tang. Tang thus let Qi go tacitly. In the bridal chamber, Xue Yan stabbed Tang to death, avenged her master and committed suicide.