Zhu Yingtai Resisting Arranged Marriage(英台抗婚)

Source: 院办 Date: 2012-03-16

Zhu Yingtai Resisting Arranged Marriage


   Zhu Yingtai, daughter of a squire in Shangyu, pursued her studies in Hangzhou, disguised as a man. On the way, she got to know Liang Shanbo, a scholar from Huiji. The two became ‘sworn brothers’. They were classmates for the next three years, but it never occurred to Liang that Zhu was a girl.

   Zhu’s father missed his daughter and urged her earnestly to return home. Before she set out, Zhu asked her teacher to serve as matchmaker and decided to marry Liang and grow old together with him. However, she never expected that, once she was home, her father tried to coerce her into marrying Ma Wencai, son of the prefecture chief. Zhu rejected the arranged marriage tenaciously. Liang Shanbo hurried to Zhu’s and was coldly received by the father. The happy marriage they envisioned vanished like a bubble. Liang was so immensely grieved that he died in anguish after he returned home.

   On the wedding day when Zhu got married to Ma, she made a detour to offer sacrifices to Liang’s tomb. A thunderstorm arose suddenly from nowhere. The tomb cleaved to form a gulf, into which the heart-broken girl hurled herself and killed herself.