The No. 1 Scholar’s Matchmaking(状元媒)

Source: 院办 Date: 2012-03-16

The No. 1 Scholar’s Matchmaking


   The Emperor of Song and his daughter Chai Meichun went hunting in the border areas. They were raided by Liao general Baruoli, who rammed the emperor off the horse, captured Princess Chai and attempted to take her to Liao. It happened that Yang Yanzhao, who returned to visit his mother, passed by Tongtai, saved the Song emperor and rescued the princess. Fu Dingkui, son of Fu Long, an official, was also at the scene. The emperor mistook Fu as their savior and promised to marry his daughter off to him. The princess adored Yang Yanzhao for his handsomeness. She sent him an abstruse poem and gifted him with her ‘pearl shirt’. When Yang returned to the capital, he called upon the Prince of the Eight Virtues and inquired him about the implication of the poem. The prince and Lv Pengzheng, No. 1 Scholar in the recent imperial examination, deciphered the poem, and reported it to the Song emperor. Then the princess proved to his father that it was Yang Yanzhou who had saved them, and proposed that all those involved gathered at the audience hall to find out the truth. Lv Mengzheng told Yang and Fu Dingkui to account the course of the event as they had experienced, and everything was clear. It was not until then that the emperor realized his misunderstanding. He declared that the man in possession of the princess’s ‘pearl shirt’ was to be her husband. Yang presented the shirt instantly and later was married to the princess.